Suzerain is a text-based narrative role-playing game focused on politics. Set in the 1950s, the game takes place in an alternate reality with unique countries, cultures, and characters.

Within this interactive world, the player is on a journey to express themselves – politically, morally, or pragmatically – as the President of Sordland and as a father.


Welcome to Sordland

A nation rich in history and culture that has seen both days of glory and decline. In the year 1954, the Republic of Sordland has difficult challenges to tackle and the people are looking for a new capable leader to do so.


You are the President

Carry the weight of your decisions as all the great leaders of Sordland have before you. The lives of millions of citizens along with your friends and family depend on it.


Keep your allies close, and your enemies closer

Power relationships are brokered and promises are broken in the backrooms of the capital, Holsord. Awareness is necessary for the President of Sordland to survive the highly volatile environment in which a friend could turn to a foe.


Think twice, act once

Your words resonate throughout society and beyond. Take great care with your promises and the decisions you make. There will always be consequences, for better or worse.